The Girls of Playboy Model

Girls of Playboy Model eMag

If you haven’t visited yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s our latest site and we’re trying to find the next perfect Playboy model.

The girl who wins the final will get an all-expenses paid trip to the Playboy mansion in LA, as well as having an exclusive photo shoot when she’s out there. Money can’t buy this prize, but entering the competition might.

Check out our totally free Girls of Playboy Model eMag, where you’ll see 50 of the hottest girls on our site. If you like a particular girl click the link under her photo and you’ll be able to see the rest of her pictures, her profile, and much more. And don’t forget to vote, these girls are counting on you!

5 Responses to “The Girls of Playboy Model”

  1. zena dawn Says:

    hi, do you have competitions for 40 and over. if so how do i get an application. tnakyou zena

  2. admin Says:

    Hello Zena

    We are always on the lookout for new talents.
    To apply please email with your picture and details to

  3. Bob Fast Says:

    Thanks for your great blog and interesting posts, Keep up the good work!

  4. baccara Says:

    hi how do i become a playboy model ?plz help mexx

  5. chanty Says:

    hi im just wondering how you apply to be a playboy model? thanks :)

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